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Movement has always been an integral part of my life. From ballet classes aged 3 to contemporary dance both as a teacher and participant until the arrival of my 1st child aged 30. I’ve completed a marathon (in pretty good time,) lifted weights heavier than myself and despite a successful and super stressful career as a head-hunter, managed to run 30+ miles a week for years.

A few years ago following a particularly mentally turbulent time, devastatingly painful runners knees and horrendously tight hamstrings I hung up my trainers and reluctantly went to a yoga class; more through desperation to escape the flutterings of my mind than anything else. It helped. Instantly. It changed my life.

A lifetime of movement, thousands of miles spent pounding the lanes and pavements, yoga classes all over the world and 200 hour teacher training have all led me here. I’m more robust than I’ve ever been mentally and I accredit that to yoga; the asana (physical) practice and the lessons by which to live that yoga promotes.

There is no judgement in my classes or private sessions and my only requirement is that the ego is left at the door. Each class is tailored to meet you exactly where you are mentally, physically and logistically.

See you on the mat. Let’s go!

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