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What People Say

Fliss has been fantastic at re-igniting my passion for yoga. She hits the right tone for the practice, helping one push oneself a little further without demanding movements that one is not yet ready/able to do yet. Fliss is fun to work with and I look forward to my sessions every week.

Harriet, Northamptonshire

I have always wanted yoga to be a fundamental part of my life (especially as I get older) but have never, in my ten years of searching, come anywhere close to finding an instructor that I believe in. Fliss is that person and so much more, I have finally found my happy place and feel fulfilled and truly blissful knowing that I have the most talented and genuinely passionate yogi to guide me on this beautiful journey


My favourite part of my week is Wednesday morning where I get to drift to a place I never thought I would experience, Felicity has changed my view and perspective in how I live, react and analyse. At the same time pushing me to my extremes and more.. epic


Fliss appeared in my life at exactly the right moment, and I am thankful daily for it 🙏. She has  taught me that yoga is so much more than movement . It is an entire way of thinking and way to live better. I look forward to every single session and really don’t know what I would have done without her. Her kindness, patience and support is incredible. 


Fliss has been hugely helping my teenage son who lacks focus and an ability to be quiet within himself. She has not only introduced him to yoga which he is loving, but has helping him find grounding techniques, movements and little tools that will help him back at school.  Would highly recommend Fliss to any fidgety teen who wants to find some inner peace.


I hope you are well. I just wanted to reach out to say a huge thank you for the sessions you put on for us every week. They have become an integral part of my weekly routine and always bring me joy on a Monday morning. Your approach makes the sessions so enjoyable and accessible, and I just wanted to extend my thanks for providing us with your positive energy and light each week.


The session this morning has completely enlightened me. I love our hours together because I just get to absorb myself into a place I never thought would happen to me. So thank you xxxx


Fliss has been brilliant at helping me get my body strength back after suffering an injury earlier this year and I’d highly recommend her for all levels of yoga students. I’m a total beginner and I look forward to our weekly sessions and the energy I feel afterwards. 


Being a newbie to yoga I was quite nervous about starting my yoga journey. Felicity really put me at ease and chatted at length with me about what I was hoping to get out of our sessions. Having suffered with anxiety for a number of years combined with back issues I was keen that these be our focus. Felicity has been amazing, guiding me through each movement and working very much at my pace which I find invaluable. After each session I feel so much calmer and positive. Thank you Felicity. 


After suffering with extremely sore painful joints for a while I decided to ask Felicity for her help. She has always been a fabulous advocate of yoga and the health and well-being benefit that it can bring.  Not one for taking part in a group session Felicity’s 1-2-1 session was perfect, Felicity tailors each session to my own needs on that day which is fabulous. I can highly recommend both Felicity and yoga as after 3 sessions the improvement both in my joints and mental well-being is noticeable.


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